A guide to Savannah’s City Market

Savannah is a wonderful city of history and culture, and Savannah’s City Market is the place downtown where those two intersect. Old meets new where vibrant local artists, boutiques delightful restaurants and classic architecture blend for an unforgettable highlight of your stay at our elegant bed and breakfast Savannah- the Hamilton-Turner Inn.


The first City Market in Savannah began over 250 years ago in 1755. People traveled from the rural hinterland for miles around to Savannah to procure the the foodstuffs from local farmers and fisherman. Downtown was a busy place on market days! Not only did the City Market blocks function as the center of commerce for the city and a central meeting space for municipal business in the 18th century, it has continued to be one of the most visited locations in Savannah for most of the decades since.

There have been a total of five buildings in Savannah officially dubbed “City Market,” but unfortunately four of them have not persisted into modern times. The first two succumbed to fire and the third to the ravages of the American Civil War. The fourth, built in 1872, was a beautiful building featuring glorious Romanesque arches, but sadly it fell into disrepair along with the surrounding area and was torn down in 1954. Locals held a farewell party to mark its passing.

It would not be gone for long. As part of an ongoing effort to reclaim Savannah’s heritage, the City Market was rebuilt and once again serves as the thriving heart of the city.

Things to Do

Whether you love shopping, dining, local art, live music or nightlife, there is something for you at the City Market. Many of the shops, such as All Things Georgia and Trolley Stop Gifts, are excellent places to pick up local mementos of your time in the city. If you have a sweet tooth, find your way into the City Market version of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, one of two locations in town.

City Market has far more dining options than sweets to offer. From fine dining at historic Belford’s to casual eateries like the Wild Wing Cafe to Wet Willie’s and Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza, the area has something to match every budget and preference from kids on up.

Thanks in part to the local Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah has a thriving art scene. Works by many local artists from the city and from SCAD are displayed side-by-side with nationally known artists, and creations can be found for sale at one of City Market’s many galleries.

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to leave the area- in fact the action is just getting started! Expect the liveliness to continue on into the evening, as much or more than in the daytime. Whether your tastes to run street musicians or well-known bands, there is visitors usually find live music at the City Market, and there are plenty of bars and pubs to wander between as you sample innovative cocktails and craft beers


At certain times of year, the City Market plays host to some not-to-be-missed special events. Savannah is known for its huge St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and City Market is a wonderful place to get in on the fun. During the holiday season, there is a special holiday open house as well as a Christmas celebrations for kids and a terrific New Year’s celebration that keeps going even after you’ve left the old year behind.Stay at our luxurious bed-and-breakfast-Savannah-GA, the Hamilton-Turner Inn and we can give you some insider’s tips on all the best experiences during the holidays.Other events to plan for are the Savannah Jazz Festival,the Savannah Greek Festival, and the Tybee Wine Festival.

Savannah is unique among Southern cities for its history, its architecture and its culture. Most visitors to Savannah are drawn here for some or all of those reasons, and the City Market is a great place to experience all three at once. You can ask at your bed and breakfast Savannah for the best possibilities for visiting the market and other nearby attractions. With just a little bit of planning, the City Market can be a highlight- a memorable feature of one of your best vacations ever!

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