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Guests of Hamilton-Turner Inn will feel Southern hospitality no matter what they do in and around the Savannah Historic District. Our Savannah GA, bed and breakfast sits on beautiful Lafayette Square, steeped in history and enveloped by romance and relaxation. We offer guests luxury accommodations, friendly service and convenience to the treasures and rich history of our city. From its unparalleled Southern dining and antique shopping to the historic museums and ornate cathedrals, the city promises a true Georgia experience.

Immerse Yourself in the History with Any Savannah GA Tour

Savannah is all about the history. And your stay at the Hamilton-Turner Inn wouldn’t be complete without taking a few tours. In addition to being entertaining, they can be really helpful in giving you a bird’s eye view of the town while providing information of something in particular that piques your desire for further exploration. There are a variety of tours from walking to trolleys and they also concentrate on certain themes. So you’ll find whether it’s history, cemeteries, food or architecture, there is a wide selection of tours to entertain you!

Walking Tours

Architectural Tours of Savannah is a tour company with walks led by Jonathan Stalcup. Jonathan graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master of Architecture degree in 2004. He shares Savannah’s history with both visitors and locals by describing the city’s built environment. Oglethorpe’s original plan, today’s desire to balance preservation with a living city, and almost 300 years in between are presented as a narrative timeline.

March through Civil War-era Savannah while hearing the strategies of the blue and the gray and seeing the houses and buildings involved in the War Between the States. Or, go on a walk highlighting the sites based on the bestselling novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

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We want our guests to go beyond the conventional – to gain a new perspective. With Old City Walks, what you’ll discover is endless. Our pace is relaxed, punctuated with Southern civility and local insight.

best things to do in savannah ga

Take a leisurely stroll through Savannah’s picturesque squares with a Southern Gentleman. Hear the rich history of Savannah spoken in the language of the South. See churches and Southern mansions dating back to the 1700s! You’ll visit scenic locations used by Hollywood’s movie industry. See where Forrest Gump sat on the bench waiting on the bus. Get the inside buzz on restaurants and night spots and enjoy Savannah like a local.

Established in 1849 Bonaventure Cemetery Tours has been described as a natural garden with live oak trees draped with Spanish moss and thousands of azaleas. Standing within this “garden” are beautiful sculptures of grieving ladies, ornately carved crypts, obelisks and the statue of Gracie Watson.

best things to do in savannah ga

Discover where the locals eat on this one-of-a-kind, three-hour adventure where you could experience fried green tomatoes, Artisan-baked pastries, Southern pork BBQ with signature sauces, fabulous shrimp and grits or handmade gourmet chocolates.

Riding Tours

best things to do in savannah ga

“Lights, Camera, Action!” For the past 100 years those words have been heard in and around Savannah, as Hollywood recognized that the ‘Hostess City’ was a perfect backdrop for filming. From silent movies to the original Cape Fear (1962), The Longest Yard (1974), the TV miniseries Roots (1977), Glory (1989), Forrest Gump, Something To Talk About and Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil (1990s) to The Conspirator and The Last Song (2009), plus the aptly named Savannah, filmed in 2011, are just a few. Our famous 90-minute narrated tour, including numerous film clips, will pass many of the most recognizable locations. This is a ‘must do’ tour for moviegoers of all ages. And maybe a stop at the world-famous Leopold’s Ice Cream for a treat to end your tour?

best things to do in savannah ga

The Historic Overview Tour explores 270 years of Savannah’s history in 90 minutes. The adventure is expanded for the Historic On And Off Tour. The Savannah Experience is a three-hour tour highlighting the familiar sites and haunts of the Historic District while exploring the other “forgotten” neighborhood.