Unique Tours in Savannah Georgia

One of the most popular things to do in Savannah GA is to tour the city, exploring its history, architecture, wildlife, and even its ghosts! Below are five popular most interesting tours in the city of Savannah. Each one is completely unique to our wonderful city and its environs.

Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours

Since 1992, Mike and Iris Scarbrough have operated Dolphin Tours in the estuaries that surround Savannah. Tours depart from Lazaretto Creek Marina and head out toward the Atlantic Ocean. Sights include the Cockspur Lighthouse- a historic lighthouse built in the mid-1800s, plus another scenic and historically important signal tower, the Tybee Lighthouse of Fort Pulaski. Throughout the entire one and a half hour route, you will see abundant wildlife including birds, sea turtles, and, of course, dolphins. During the summer from May through September you can also take a sunset cruise that showcases the beautiful colors of days end from the perfect vantage point on the water.

Savannah Architectural Tourss

Savannah’s rich and extensive history is reflected in much of the the city’s buildings and landscaping. Architectural Tours of Savannah are led by Jonathan Stalcup ,a longtime resident of Savannah with a master’s degree in architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design. He’s an expert on Savannah’s architectural history. At every tour stop you will learn more of the remarkable story of Savannah’s growth and development, from 300 years ago until today, as you examine some of the city’s oldest and most fascinating structures.

You’ll take a look at homes, businesses and public buildings from the 18th century Georgian, Federal, and Regency Periods,Greek Revival styles, plus many other time periods and architectural styles all the way up to contemporary designs. Tours depart only once a day, typically at 10:00 a.m., and take about 90 minutes.

Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours

The Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours began in 2002 and have since become very popular for both tourists and locals alike. Featuring spooky stories about all types of paranormal activity, including ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and hags,you’ll learn about the unseen activities that occur around the city’s historical district.

The tour involves about a mile of walking to and from different supposedly haunted sites in Savannah. An all-ages tour departs at 7:00 p.m., and an adults-only tour departs at 9:30 p.m. The tours take about two hours and depart from Clary’s Cafe downtown.

Ghosts & Gravestones Tours

The Ghosts & Gravestones tour, hosted by Old Town Trolley Tours, is another popular Savannah ghost tour. Board the “Trolley of the Doomed” at the Simply Savannah Trolley Depot to experience some of the scariest ghost stories that underlie the city’s visible history. During the tour, you’ll enter two of Savannah’s most haunted places: the Andrew Low House and the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery. It’s an hour and a quarter of spine-tingling ghostly tales of haunting and drama.

Old Savannah Tours

Old Savannah Tours hosts several different tours, all of which focus completely on the city’s long and entrancing history. The Historic Overview Tour is a 90-minute narrated tour that surveys the most important Savannah events and landmarks. The On & Off Tour is a full-day of seeing Savannah’s best attractions in much more depth than the Historic Overview Tour. The Savannah Experience visits some of the city’s lesser-known neighborhoods, while the Land and Sea Tour includes a ride down the waterway in a paddle boat. Old Savannah Tours also has a cast of actors portraying famous Georgia characters and historical figures that may accompany you during the tour.

Don’t hesitate to consider one or more of these tours when you are researching things to do in Savannah GA, they’ll give you an excellent perspective on the fairest city in the south- and they’re fun! Whether you want to see wildlife, learn about history, or have a paranormal encounter, you can find a guided tour that suits your interests.

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